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Results were consistent with the LutraGroup (2007) findings for English speakers with parents also indicating significant impact on family organization, cohesion, communication, conflict solving, strengths and resilience; positive parenting, parent involvement, improvement in parenting skills, and alcohol and drug use reduction. Group leaders for youth observed very significant positive changes with 96-99% confidence levels. Youth were highly satisfied with the program but not as strongly positive as were adults and youth group leaders.
�Celebrando Familias! An Innovative Approach for Spanish Speaking Families at High Risk for Substance Abuse Disorders. Sparks; Tisch; Gardner; & Sparks. 2011.

Celebrating Families!� is a successful, well-evaluated, evidence-based program, which has demonstrated success with families in early recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction, and those suffering from abuse and violence.
The Development of Family Resilience: Exploratory Investigation of a Resilience Program for Families Impacted by Chemical Dependency. Chris Lum. May 2008.

"The main finding of the process evaluation is that CF! can be implemented with quality and fidelity in community agencies. The outcome evaluation on 62 families suggests positive medium size (Cohen's d = .52 to .70) improvements in four of the five family outcomes (cohesion, communication, family strengths and resilience and organization) measured and one small positive reduction in family conflict (d = .15). Likewise, four of the five parenting outcomes (parent involvement, supervision, efficacy, and positive parenting style) improved with medium effect size (d = .50 to .60), but parenting skills only had a small positive improvement (d = .18). These are excellent outcomes equivalent to other family skills training programs and in some cases larger. "
Final Outcome Evaluation for Celebrating Families!� Lutra Group May 2007

"Many of these results are statistically significant with very large effect sizes indicating the parents are increasing their social and emotional skills as well as their health promotion skills� [and] indicating the families are increasing their communication skills, family organization, and family cohesion."
Year One Evaluation Report for Celebrating Families!�, LutraGroup. July 15, 2006.

The Success Rate of Hispanics vs. Non-Hispanic participants in The Celebrating Families!�. Kent D. Colman. May 2006.

Fifty-eight percent of the families were reunified in 6 - 12 months by using Celebrating Families!� as compared to only 18.5% for traditional Child Welfare Case plans.
An Evaluation of the Impact of the Celebrating Families!� Program and Family Drug Treatment Court on Parents Receiving Family Reunification Services. Giorgio A. Quittan. April 2004.

"Seventy five percent of parents agreed that their children's understanding of their interests and talents has improved as well as their ability to communicate. � Their children have also improved in their ability to resolve conflicts without fighting or violence� [and their] ability to make decisions and solve problems has improved."
Family Treatment Drug Court Head Start Program, Annual Report: October 1, 2002 to September 30, 2003.

"For some clients, the greatest change was in their relationships with their children, because they learned new skills such as how to set limits and "not give them everything they want."
Family Treatment Drug Court Head Start Program, Annual Report: October 1, 2003 to September 30, 2004.

Evaluation Forms


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