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Single copy of Curriculum:

  • Five Spiral-Bound volumes (777 total pages) plus Appendices (41 pages)
  • Master Handouts and Posters (165 pages)
  • CD: ten songs for Children Sessions
  • DVD: Recovering Hope: Mothers Speak Out about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
  • The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn

Recommended Site Implementation Package which allows each group facilitator plus on site administrators to have their own copy.

  • Set of 10 copies of the curriculum, each copy (777 total pages) plus Appendices (41 pages)
  • Master Handouts and Posters (165 pages)
  • CD: ten songs for Children Sessions
  • DVD: Recovering Hope: Mothers Speak Out about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
  • The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn

For those ordering the Site Implementation Package, see order form for costs to order additional copies of curriculum materials.


0 Thru 3 Years Supplement:it is recommended one Supplement package per site location.

  • 0 Thru 3 Years Years Supplement Guide
  • Supplement Flash Drive
  • Baby Cues Cards
  • Baby Cues DVD
  • The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn



Celebrando was developed for mono-lingual Spanish speaking families, where one or more parents suffer from substance abuse.

One set of facilitator guides.


The Wellbriety partnership provides Native communities with the opportunity to implement a program for healing families affected by alcohol and drug abuse, that recognizes and incorporates traditional cultural teachings and practices. The facilitator implementation manual and training videos provide a framework of Wellbriety teachings that uniquely and culturally complement the primary Celebrating Families!� curriculum.
For more information on Wellbriety/Celebrating Families!� Partnership, contact White Bison: 877-871-1495 or


Assistance can be provided over the phone and by email along every step of the Celebrating Families!� development process.

Areas of support can include:

  • Implementation issues
  • Targeted skill building
  • Consultation on barriers and problems
  • Training updates/refreshers

If extensive support/consultation is required, a reasonable fee may need to assessed.

For more information: contact or 301-468-0985


Celebrating Families!� (CF!) training is for professionals and potential volunteers who are interested in learning how to facilitate this 16-session evidence-based support group model for families affected by addiction. CF! is proven to strengthen recovery, increase successful family reunification and improve healthy family living skills. Participants will also learn facts about alcohol, drug and brain chemistry, domestic violence risk and protective factors and how addiction affects the whole family.

This 2 � day training program (time can be customized dependent upon goals) provides the framework to a program site planning to offer CF! to its clients and the broader community. Trainings introduce fundamentals unique to the program, and some of the complex challenges and subtle nuances sites have encountered when facilitating sessions with diverse families, with children of varying ages, throughout the 16 weeks. A key offering throughout the trainings is practical experience with program exercises and activities. Participants will also be introduced to the new curriculum found in the 0-3 supplement.

It is generally suggested for a site to host the training at least 2-4 weeks before planning to begin the first cycle of the program.


Site facilitators receive customized feedback for the community goals of the program. Activities during the training put facilitators in the position of program participants. These firsthand experiences replicate what families will encounter during program cycles and to study common outbursts and management styles that successfully navigate delicate emotions of individuals and family units. Social workers, administration, agency staff and program volunteers come together for team building as well as program skill building throughout the training.


Organizations with some experience hosting the CF! program (at least one cycle) may consider arranging a Train the Trainer program for their area. A strong unit facilitating multiple cycles in the community nurtures a strong program that is networked in the community. When anticipating growth of the program in the area, or rotating volunteers through multiple cycles throughout the year, the additional training educates area CF! experts to manage strong community programs.

A one or 1 � day training program is available for current sites who desire an onsite training opportunity for the Group Leader team to review the 0 Thru 3 Years Supplement. This unique opportunity reviews CF! program elements as well as orients the implementation team to the newly available supplement.

If interested in discussing a Celebrating Families!� training, contact NACoA's Director of Programs Mary Beth Collins:


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